Galatea - Judd Farm

System Type: 4
Bay of Plenty
Last Update:
04 May 2016

DairyNZ Comment:

04 May 2016
  • New pastures take 12 months to establish and so require different management in year 1.

    Perennial pasture: Graze new seedlings for the first time when they cannot be “plucked” by hand, usually 5-7 weeks after drilling. A ‘light nip’ over a short time period will encourage tillering. The first grazing needs to be monitored closely and the cows moved once target residuals are reached.

    Thereafter regular grazing is required to encourage tillering to ensure a high tiller density heading into the stressful summer period.  A high number of tillers/plant is key to plants surviving the summer. Avoid regular pre-grazing covers above 3000kg DM – this causes shading and death of young tillers. Graze to 7-8 clicks to allow light to base of the sward – this will aid the recruitment of new tillers. Remember the leaf stage principles, and do not graze too often i.e. before 2 new leaves per tiller.

    Undersown pastures: Pasture should be grazed hard before undersowing. Again light grazing when seedlings pass ‘pluck test’. For next few grazing’s, management should favour the establishing plants, so again regular grazing to 7-8 clicks to allow light to the emerging plants.

    Weed control in new pastures should be done sooner rather than later (ideally before the first grazing) to control weeds in early establishment.

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    04 May 2016

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