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15 March 2019

DairyNZ Comment:

15 Mar 2019
  • The decision to dry off the benchmark herd at Scott farm on March 8th has attracted comment.A clear policy of no imported supplement and relying on managing the production using just the pasture grown on the farm, means having decision rules for when the situation is not tracking well.
    This decision was made in the interests of preserving and restoring body condition score (BCS) for next season within the resources available. We are looking after animal welfare.Some have argued that we would look after welfare better by buying supplement. That’s an alternative that’s not compatible with our profitability target and will only be used if absolutely necessary. Currently our BCS goals and profitability targets are both achievable without adding supplement.
    It is difficult to argue that a system that delivers operating profit exceeding $3600/ha (in the top 25% of DairyBase averages) and production of 380 kg MS/cow and 1200 kg MS/ha is an animal welfare risk. It only becomes a risk by chasing more production and profit from cows that are already giving a lot, and they need looking after in the current situation.

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    15 Mar 2019

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