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05 June 2019

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05 Jun 2019
  • For a number of farm businesses, new employees will now be on-board and starting in their new roles.  Settling into that new routine can take a while and it does help if they’re dovetailing into a system that’s well organised.

    If people understand what is important, why it is important and how they can contribute, then they are much more likely to perform at their best.

    Spending time up front getting organised and planning saves everyone time as people know what they should be doing and when.  It allows everyone to set priorities, understanding what needs to be done and when and to what standard.

    So what might all this look like?

    • Discuss with your partner or family what your medium term goals are and write them down.  If you don’t know where you’re heading, then it’s going to be hard to communicate this to your employees.
    • Take your goals for the coming year and break them down to determine what you need or want to achieve this year.
    • Communicate your plans for the year to your team.  Explain what the targets are and why they are important.  Take the time to listen to what the rest of the team has to say.
    • Assign tasks and responsibilities to each team member according to their skills, experience and position.  Make sure each person has a realistic workload, that the appropriate level of challenge is there, that they will have good work/life balance and that their remuneration is fair for their responsibilities.
    • Ensure your farm set up, infrastructure, team and rosters are designed to support your goals.
    • Regular team meetings are a good opportunity to review progress towards goals.
    • Get organised daily, or at least weekly, with a list of tasks that need doing and communicate these to your team.  Team meetings are a great opportunity to do this.

    Everyone involved in the farm business has a role to play in achieving the goals for the business.  Making sure you’ve got the alignment right from day one of employment is a key part of achieving those goals.


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