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08 July 2020

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08 Jul 2020
  • Grazing management in the first 2 months after calving largely determines production to Christmas and how well fed the cows are at mating.

    The Spring Rotation Planner (SRP) takes the guesswork out of grazing management over this critical period in the early spring and allocates the feed to ensure that the target cover at balance date is achieved.

    Key targets are average pasture cover (APC) at the start of calving and APC at balance date (when feed supply = demand).

    • APC at calving (and supplements available) determines how well-fed the cows are for the first 2 months after calving.
    • APC at balance date determines the quality and quantity of feed at mating.

    The level of pasture cover at calving is very important. Too much feed will mean that pasture is wasted and growth may be reduced. Whereas if pasture cover is insufficient, the cows will be underfed.

    If in an attempt to fully feed cows when there is insufficient pasture and the inter-grazing interval is reduced, (where pastures are grazed before the 2 ½ leaf stage) growth will be reduced and farm cover will stay low until the summer.

    Spring feed allocation needs to result in the cover being lowest when feed supply equals demand (balance date) with the target pasture cover dependant on the stocking rate and per cow pasture demand (influenced by breed and supplements).

    Aim to be on the fastest rotation when pasture growth gets ahead of herd requirements (balance date). The higher the stocking rate and especially if little or no supplement is available, the more important this rule becomes.

    The spring rotation planner is an excellent tool to manage rotation length visit to complete one online.



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    08 Jul 2020

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  • Growth

    4 kgs DM/day

  • APC

    2121 kgs DM/ha

  • Rainfall

    10 mm

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    0 kgs

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    0 kgs

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  • Rotation

    - days

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    0 kgs

  • Nitrogen YTD

    - kgs/ha

  • Supplements

    12.8 kgs/cow/day

  • Supplements YTD

    - kgs/cow/day

  • Weight Gain

    - kgs/day

  • Stocking Rate

    - su/ha

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