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13 July 2018

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13 Jul 2018
  • Making the most of the available pasture cover is critical. The goal is 15-18 kg DM intake /cow of high quality pasture in mid-September, NOT NOW. Ensure early milkers graze to 1400-1500 kg DM per ha residual, and intake does not need to be more than 70% of peak intake this early in lactation. This is 12-13 kg DM/day for most cows. Increase this gradually by about 1 kg DM/cow/week for the first few weeks.

    Soil temperatures are fluctuating and have mostly been insufficient for generating good N responses. This can change so from now on look for opportunities to get N applied. As calving progresses there will be less time to do this. Nitrogen creates extra feed costing about 15cents/kg DM if the response is 10kg DM/kg N. There is no cheaper feed except for pasture  created by carefully planned pasture and supplement management using the spring rotation planner.


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    13 Jul 2018

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