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20 May 2022

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20 May 2022
  • Good rain last week with most farms getting 25 to 75mm resulting in an increase in pasture growth. Using supplements to maintain a long round is key to increasing covers. Silage is still available from the lower North Is and Northland via the Fed Farmers Feed Line 0800 327 646. For more tips on recovering from the drought join the Waikato-DairyNZ Facebook page

    Trace element levels in stock are an important consideration heading into winter and calving. With less pasture and more supplements being feed this autumn, a longer zinc season, and entering a period of high demand from the growing foetus, these levels can be hard to predict. Blood and liver samples are the only way to be sure they are not limiting stock performance.

    Copper levels should be assessed by liver biopsies from healthy cows as this is where Cu is stored and gives a better indication than bloods. Selenium and magnesium aren’t stored in the body, so blood samples are the simplest way of checking these as well as cobalt (B12).

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    20 May 2022

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