Owl Farm

System Type: 2
Last Update:
10 July 2020

DairyNZ Comment:

10 Jul 2020
  • Managing pasture supply from now until balance date, approximately two months away, is always challenging and could be more so this year as supplements available are limited on many farms. Using the Spring Rotation Planner (SRP) over this period avoids going too fast or too slow in the first grazing rotation after calving. It also controls the rate of pasture cover decline on the farm, so enough pasture remains to maximise pasture growth therefore minimising pasture deficits during late August and September.

    The SRP can be accessed at this link where daily area allocations are allocated specifically for your farm and are able to be printed. https://www.dairynz.co.nz/feed/pasture-management/feed-wedges-and-rotation-planners/spring-rotation-planner/

    The advanced version will allocate area and pasture available for each mob from data you enter including accumulated area required. It identifies pasture available, feed deficits and quantities of supplements required.

    If you would like help setting up a SRP call your local DairyNZ Consulting Officer at this link. https://www.dairynz.co.nz/contact-us/regional-teams/


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  • Date Collected

    10 Jul 2020

  • Soil temp


  • Growth

    22 kgs DM/day

  • APC

    2495 kgs DM/ha

  • Rainfall

    42 mm

  • BCS


  • % in milk

    7 %

  • MS/cow

    0 kgs

  • MS/ha

    0 kgs

  • MS/ha YTD

    0 kgs

  • Rotation

    90 days

  • MS/cow YTD

    0 kgs

  • Nitrogen YTD

    5 kgs/ha

  • Supplements

    1.2 kgs/cow/day

  • Supplements YTD

    9 kgs/cow/day

  • Weight Gain

    - kgs/day

  • Stocking Rate

    2.89 su/ha

  • Crude Protein Level


  • MJME