P21 Massey Standard

System Type: 3
Lower North Island
Last Update:
23 September 2016

DairyNZ Comment:

23 Sep 2016
  • On some farms pasture growth is starting to exceed feed demand. The focus is now on  getting quality pasture on the farm right. Good decisions are required to retain good quality for as long as possible. Aim to have as few paddocks as possible above the target pre-grazing levels. Frequent grazing to target residuals allows sunlight into the base of the pasture and encourages daughter tillers in the base of the pasture, and white clover plants to establish. This strengthens the pasture for the summer as some of the older tillers start to go reproductive, produce seed head and die. Long pastures weaken this process, and are only tolerated as the feed in them can be transferred as quality silage into a future feed deficit. Conserving true surplus as quality pasture silage is still a cost effective option at low milk price, although costs can escalate if wastage is high.

    To hear more about pasture management and cropping options go to a Tactics for Spring field day near you. Details of the field days are at: www.dairynz.co.nz/farm/tactics/tactics-for-spring/

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  • Date Collected

    23 Sep 2016

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  • Growth

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  • APC

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  • Rainfall

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  • BCS


  • % in milk

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  • MS/cow

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  • MS/ha

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  • MS/ha YTD

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  • Rotation

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  • MS/cow YTD

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  • Nitrogen YTD

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  • Supplements

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  • Supplements YTD

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  • Weight Gain

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  • Stocking Rate

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  • Crude Protein Level


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