Pasture Plus

Dairy farmers know that good pasture management drives profit. Get more milk in the vat for less through the skills and confidence you can gain from being part of a local DairyNZ Pasture Plus group.

The benefits are many:

  • Participants gain more motivation and confidence in pasture
  • They have the opportunity to benchmark their performance against experienced farmers
  • Improved pasture utilisation, better quality pasture, higher milk production and more profit.

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Groups run throughout the year and are formed from a group of local farmers. Play a part in timely discussions with grazing decision makers from your local area and take advantage of the planning tools and valuable advice on-tap in every Pasture Plus group.

Past attendees have attributed a 10% increase in production to attending Pasture Plus.

Pasture Plus focuses on the key principles of pasture management:

  • Growing more pasture
  • Harvesting more pasture
  • Increasing pasture quality
  • Optimising the use of supplements.

...and covers all aspects of pasture management fundamentals:

  • Learn how to apply the principles of grazing management to feed cows well and achieve high pasture eaten
  • Increase your understanding on how plant growth affects quality and quantity of pasture grown throughout the year
  • Understand how pasture utilisation is linked to farm profitability
  • Implement proven autumn management strategies to set up for profitable production next season
  • Improve the allocation of supplements to maximise utilisation of pasture and farm profit
  • Understand the responses to supplements throughout the season
  • Benchmarking on-farm key performance indicators for your farm system.

A key aspect of pasture management is the effective use of the tools available to make better management decisions. During the season Pasture Plus groups will use tools such as feed budgets, Rising Plate Meters, Spring Rotation Planners and Feed Wedges. By using these tools on farm farmers will learn how to match supply and demand throughout the year, eliminate the 'guess work' out of feed allocation and optimise quantity and quality of pasture eaten (MJME pasture eaten/ha).

100% of Pasture Plus graduates would recommend Pasture Plus to other farmers.
- DairyNZ survey of 100 Pasture Plus graduates