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Mini Milksmart

The Mini Milksmart 2017 Roadshow is coming your way featuring three programmes, each with a different focus. Choose between the three options, or go to all three!

Events are being held at 26 locations across New Zealand, providing you with practical solutions to save time and money through more efficient milking.

Mini Milksmart is for the whole farm team and can help you to:

  • Increase efficiency allowing reallocation of saved time
  • Reduce stress on cows leading to faster milking and more milk
  • Improve cow health and welfare
  • Improve working environment for increased job satisfaction and retention

Enjoy a productive day out with the team!
New Zealand's leading experts will be available on the day, covering different aspects of the topic and answering your questions.

Registration 10am to 10.30am
All workshops 10.30am to 2.50pm

 Milksmart Location Icon 100Px2Efficient milking: learn how to make milking more comfortable and efficient for everyone. Find out more here.

 Milksmart Location Icon 100Px3What's blocking your track, people or cows?: learn how to gain control of your time and improve your working environment. Find out more here.

 Milksmart Location Icon 100PxUnderstanding your cows to reduce mastitis: learn about the link between cow behaviour, milking and milk quality. Find out more here.

You must register to attend!
For full details of which programme is being delivered near you, or to register, click on the map location of your choice or follow the links above.

Choose between the three options, each with a different focus or go to all three!