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Mini Milksmart

The Mini Milksmart 2017 Roadshow took a different approach to other years and was a series of 26 events featuring three programmes, each with a different focus!

This enabled us to:

  • Run events in more remote/different locations, reaching more farmers.
  • Utilise content from the highly developed 2016 workshops for best use of levy money.

As always, Milksmart was about providing farmers (and their teams) with practical solutions to save time and money through more efficient milking. Recap on the workshops and find more topic information by clicking on the links below:

Some stats:

  • 774 farmers attended a mini Milksmart event in 2017
  • 97% achieved what they wanted from the day
  • 89% will make changes on farm as a result of the day

We will be back in 2018 with a nationwide focus on efficient milking.