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When you're considering a new farm job, it's important to check if your potential employer is a good fit for you. Request a farm résumé or farmer CV, which should detail their goals, values, and provide evidence of their claims, references, and contacts of current or past employees. If unavailable, ask these details directly and note them for reflection. Engage with current or past employees to gain insights into the employer and farm culture. Don't forget to ask about their career development opportunities and how you would fit into their long-term farm goals. You can also seek advice from farmer advisory groups.

A prospective employer follows a process to make sure you are a good match for their business, but is your future employer a good match for you?

As an employee it’s important for you to check out your prospective employer so you can be happy in their workplace. 

A farm résumé or farmer CV

If the employer has one, they will often send their CV out to you with the application form after phone screening. If not, you will have the chance to ask for one during the interview. Simply ask for a farm résumé or farmer CV.

The farm goals, values and some evidence to back up claims can be detailed in a farmer CV, and you might also expect to see some references and contact details of past or current employees or a number of other stakeholders.

Even if the farmer doesn’t have a CV, you can still ask questions about the things that might be in a farmer CV. Take notes so you can reflect later.

You might ask:

  • Can I talk to current or previous employees? This will give you a good indication about the boss and what kind of place the farm is. Remember, it’s best to talk to a few people before coming to conclusions.
  • What are your farm values?
  • What are your business goals?
  • How do you encourage career development?
  • How would I fit into your long-term goals for the farm?
Last updated: Sep 2023

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