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Farm job interviews, starting with a phone interview, provide a chance to showcase your strengths and suitability for the role. During this initial conversation, be professional, discuss your employment history, motivations for moving on, and your skills. Avoid negative language and refrain from discussing wages or other benefits at this stage. For in-person interviews, prepare well in advance, know your route, arrive on time, and dress appropriately. Ask key questions about the job, the farm's history, and the employer's communication style. Always seek advice before accepting any offer, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the role's requirements.

Find out what a farming interview consists of and how you should prepare.

Interviews are your opportunity to present your strengths and qualities to a potential employer.

Farm employers want someone who is honest and reliable, can work on their own and as part of a team, someone who is interested and enthusiastic, and takes pride in their work and workplace.

Phone interview

Your first interaction with a potential employer will probably be a phone call. The goal of the phone interview is to be invited for an in-person interview This is your opportunity to make a good first impression, so treat this call with professionalism.

Questions will focus on your previous employment history, why you are looking to move on, and what experience and skills you have. Prepare answers for these questions ahead of time.

Key points of a phone interview:

  • It will probably last 20-30 minutes. If you don’t have enough time, politely arrange to call the farmer back when you do have time.
  • Avoid bad language, even if the employer does not.
  • Speak positively about your current employer.
  • Avoid selfish questions during the call – this is not the time to ask about wages or other job benefits.
  • Don’t hang up without asking for the next step in the process.

In-person interview

This is where you have the chance to showcase your attitude, skills and abilities. It’s also your opportunity to find out if the job is right for you, so be prepared to ask questions.

In the days leading up to an interview, think about possible answers to questions you might be asked, and prepare a list of questions you would like answered. Here are some example questions you could ask at an interview.

Before you leave home check the exact location and travel distance, and make sure you arrive on time. Dress appropriately in smart-casual wear and take suitable footwear for a farm walk.

During the interview give honest and complete answers without rushing - it’s ok to take a moment to think before responding. Keep positive, don’t talk yourself down or undersell yourself.

Make sure to ask about and take notice of:

  • The farm’s employment history – are you able to speak with existing or previous employees?
  • Can you see the job description for the role?
  • How tidy is the farm? Is this a place you could work?
  • The employer’s communication style, could you work closely with someone like this?
  • What are the accommodation arrangements?

Finally, don’t leave until you are clear about what the role entails and don’t accept a position (verbally or in writing) before getting advice from someone you trust.

Last updated: Sep 2023

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