1. Animal

    Animal management is a critical component of farm profitability and sustainability. From genetics to herd management and more, this section covers topics that will help guide your decisions.


  2. How to BCS

    Find out how to body condition score a cow using a "hands on" method, and what to look for when you condition score cows.


  3. BCS Initiative

    DairyNZ is leading a new approach in Northland and Canterbury to help farmers achieve their cow condition targets by calving.


  4. Certified BCS Assessors

    This page details certified body condition assessors who are able to accurately score your herd.


  5. BCS Strategies

    Range in body condition score (BCS) is as important as average BCS at calving on New Zealand dairy farms.


  6. BCS Assessor Certification Programme

    The BCS Assessor Certification Programme is designed for rural professionals to help standardise condition scoring across New Zealand.


  7. Feedback Process

    The Body Condition Score Assessor Certification Programme is committed to ensuring Certified BCS Assessors maintain a high standard of professional conduct.


  8. Body Condition Scoring

    Information about Body Condition Scoring (BCS) including how-to guides, videos, and the certified assessors list.


  9. Greater accuracy for BCS breeding value

    In August 2016, there will be a change to how body condition score (BCS) records are treated before they enter the Animal Evaluation (AE) system.


  10. BCS Programme Events

    Become a Certified Body Condition Score Assessor and offer skilled, independent and consistent assessments meeting industry standards to your clients.


  11. BCS Training Events

    BCS training is open to all but is recommended prior to assessment. It will guide you through theory and practical hands-on learning.


  12. Feeding for condition score gain

    With the current high milk price and the prospect of a lower price next season, there is a desire to milk for as long as possible into autumn.


  13. Scoring system backed by science

    Ten years ago, who would have imagined dairy farmers would one day be standing in the paddock, smartphone in hand, tapping in body condition scores of the cow in front of them?