1. Farming for a lower footprint - what should we focus on?

    This article summarises a collection of DairyNZ co-funded studies on reducing dairying's environmental footprint.

  2. Fodder beet's effect on the liver

    What happens to a cow’s liver during the transition to a fodder beet diet? DairyNZ has been investigating.

  3. Investing your levy to lift pasture performance

    DairyNZ's levy-funded projects focus on reducing dairying's environmental effects, while improving pasture dry matter yield, quality and persistence.

  4. N surplus shows performance

    Nitrogen leaching varies significantly depending on soil type and climate, which means it’s not a straightforward performance indicator.

  5. FRNL research reports

    The (FRNL) programme aims to reduce farming’s environmental footprint by improving nitrogen (N) efficiency of the animals and/or the plants used in dairy farming. Read the results from the programme here.