1. Capturing hybrid vigour in perennial ryegrass breeding

    Developing a hybrid breeding method for perennial ryegrass has the potential to increase gains in annual dry matter yield.


  2. Success from the soil up

    ‘No-till’ sowing is ticking business and environmental boxes for Taranaki’s Brewer family.


  3. Investing your levy to lift pasture performance

    DairyNZ's levy-funded projects focus on reducing dairying's environmental effects, while improving pasture dry matter yield, quality and persistence.


  4. FVI gains energy and persistence

    From this month, DairyNZ’s Forage Value Index will include two new traits for perennial ryegrass cultivars: metabolisable energy and persistence.


  5. Cultivar performance under the FVI spotlight

    DairyNZ’s Forage Value Index (FVI) helps farmers choose the best-performing grasses for their region using its simple five-star rating system. Trials have now started to test the FVI systems under realistic dairy farm management conditions, as DairyNZ senior scientist Cáthal Wims explains.


  6. Forage index guiding choices

    For the past three years, another index as useful as BW has been evolving, the Forage Value Index (FVI).


  7. New manager to strengthen DairyNZ's Forage Value Index

    The addition of persistence and metabolisable energy (ME) traits to the DairyNZ Forage Value Index (FVI) are seen as key targets for Cameron Ludemann in his new role as Forage Value Manager.