1. Accurate records breed success

    Are the heifers you choose to keep the ones you think they are?

  2. South Island farmers join animal evaluation advisory panel

    Two South Island farmers, Mo Topham from Southland and Tania Riddington from Canterbury, have recently joined the New Zealand Animal Evaluation (NZAEL) Farmer Advisory Panel, bringing the panel numbers to nine.

  3. International dairy sires

    Breeding values for international dairy sires are generated by Interbull, an international genetic evaluation organisation.

  4. Measure cow performance

    Measuring cow performance shows you who your best and worst cows are. Having this infomation helps you to decide which cows you should keep replacement heifers from, and which you should cull.

  5. Recording parentage

    Recording parentage, and measuring cow performance on-farm enables farmers to make informed decisions about which cows to breed from and which to cull.

  6. Six steps to a high BW herd

    Pushing the genetic merit of your herd into the top 10%, find out what it's worth to you and how to get your herd there.

  7. Waitomo farmers gaining from BW index

    Despite tougher financial times, Waitomo farmers Euan and Claire Reeve have maintained a strong focus on genetic gain in their herd.

  8. All About BW

    Breeding Worth (BW) is the index used to rank cows and bulls based on how efficiently they convert feed into profit.

  9. Fertility improvement

    A change to how mating data is treated within the fertility model hs improved the reliability of the fertility Breeding Value (BV) allowing farmers to be more accurate in their selection of genetically elite replacement heifers.

  10. Supplying data to DIGAD

    Data standards are put in place to help maintain and enhance the quality of animal data entering the dairy industry good animal database (DIGAD). This data is used for research and animal evaluation purposes.

  11. Interpreting the info

    The current National Breeding Objective (NBO) is encompassed in the calculation of Breeding Worth (BW) which currently consists of eight core traits.

  12. About NZAEL

    New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), aims to develop, promote and deliver technologies that optimise genetic improvement in the national dairy herd.

  13. Economic Values

    Economic values (EV's) are an estimate of the value of a trait to a NZ dairy farmer.

  14. Breeding Values

    Breeding Values (BV) are an estimate of a cow or bull's genetic merit for a trait.

  15. Animal

    Animal management is a critical component of farm profitability and sustainability. From genetics to herd management and more, this section covers topics that will help guide your decisions.