1. Pasture tips tackle 'what ifs'

    DairyNZ farm systems specialist Chris Glassey gives some advice on how to deal with common challenges faced by farmers at this time of year.

  2. Spring feed management: keeping the cogs turning

    Had a lightbulb moment yet on spring feed management? Get the big picture on how its aspects (or ‘cogs’) work together.

  3. Why pasture first?

    Pasture first is a DairyNZ initiative geared at encouraging farmers to use their pasture first – an increasingly important factor in farming through the current reduced milk price.

  4. Simple spring approach keeps farms on course

    Running four separate dairy units is not for the faint-hearted. But Greg Roadley and wife Rachel have worked hard to build an operation that makes the most of similarities in soil type, irrigation systems and size, including the systems they can apply to them.

  5. Focus on pasture aided by Spring Rotation Planner

    Getting grazing frequency right in early spring is key to maximising growth and supplying the quality feed needed for milksolids production before Christmas.