SmartSAMM News

  1. Making dry off count

    Antibiotic dry cow treatment (DCT) and internal teat sealants (ITS) are valuable tools in the fight against mastitis.

  2. A service like no udder

    Over the past 12 months, Waikato dairy farmer Tony Prince has seen a dramatic decrease in his herd’s bulk milk somatic cell count.

  3. Healthy Udder Service to launch in 2014

    Many dairy farmers are benefiting this season from lower bulk milk somatic cell counts and fewer clinical cases. But will these gains in udder health be locked in for future seasons?

  4. Treat clots, watch snot

    New recommendations say that treatment should only be given to clinical cases that show signs (clots, watery or discoloured milk) that persist for three or more squirts during stripping.

  5. Mythbuster: Incomplete Milking

    There is a long-held belief that leaving milk in the udder will lead to mastitis, this article busts the myth once and for all.

  6. Mythbuster: Liner Fit

    Choosing the right liner can have a dramatic effect on milking performance and udder health. It is definitely not a case of one liner fits all.

  7. Drying off - making it count

    National average somatic cell count (SCC) levels have dropped considerably over the past few years. The dairy industry is on target to reach a national average bulk milk SCC of 150,000 cells/ml by 2016. DairyNZ senior scientist Jane Lacy-Hulburt outlines seven focus areas to fine-tune your dry cow approach and get the most out of your time and money.