animal evaluation

  1. The value of high breeding worth animals

    Farming is a complex business and with so many factors contributing to overall profitability, it can be difficult to see the value gained from your herd’s genetic merit.

  2. An invisible hand in profit gains

    Genetic gain is a steady process which delivers improvements year upon year. Although these gains can go unnoticed, the value is very real and quickly adds up.

  3. Transfer of animal evaluation completed

    The transfer of the animal evaluation models to industry body DairyNZ is now complete.

  4. Measure cow performance

    Measuring cow performance shows you who your best and worst cows are. Having this infomation helps you to decide which cows you should keep replacement heifers from, and which you should cull.

  5. Recording parentage

    Recording parentage, and measuring cow performance on-farm enables farmers to make informed decisions about which cows to breed from and which to cull.

  6. Six steps to breed a high BW herd

    Pushing the genetic merit of your herd into the top 10%, find out what it's worth to you and how to get your herd there.

  7. Waitomo farmers gaining from BW index

    Despite tougher financial times, Waitomo farmers Euan and Claire Reeve have maintained a strong focus on genetic gain in their herd.

  8. Genetic efforts keep Ayrshires top of the game

    Ayrshires may only be a small percentage of the national dairy herd but they have been a big part of the Hutchings’ family farm for four generations.

  9. Greater accuracy for BCS breeding value

    In August 2016, there will be a change to how body condition score (BCS) records are treated before they enter the Animal Evaluation (AE) system.

  10. Genetic base cow change brings breeding worth back

    The genetic base cow – the genetic reference point for all dairy cattle in New Zealand – will be updated this month, moving from a 2000 to a 2005-born base cow.

  11. All About BW

    Breeding Worth (BW) is the index used to rank cows and bulls based on how efficiently they convert feed into profit.

  12. Fertility improvement

    A change to how mating data is treated within the fertility model hs improved the reliability of the fertility Breeding Value (BV) allowing farmers to be more accurate in their selection of genetically elite replacement heifers.

  13. Body condition score a trait worth measuring

    The addition of body condition score to Breeding Worth in February will accelerate the rate of genetic gain in New Zealand dairy cows.

  14. Herd potential becomes reality with data depth

    Driving efficient milk production through focused management is a worthy goal for Waikato farm owner Stephen Weir and contract milker Kylie McIntyre.

  15. Supplying data to DIGAD

    Data standards are put in place to help maintain and enhance the quality of animal data entering the dairy industry good animal database (DIGAD). This data is used for research and animal evaluation purposes.

  16. Can we select for feed conversion efficiency?

    DairyNZ and breeding companies are well on their way to generating a breeding value that measures how efficient a cow is at using feed for body maintenance or milksolids production (feed conversion efficiency). If the breeding value can be developed, it will save farmers money in feed costs.

  17. Stopping AI - it's not worth it advises DairyNZ

    Farmers thinking about cutting artificial insemination (AI) this mating season will save very little now and lose a lot in the long term, says Jeremy Bryant, manager of DairyNZ subsidiary New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd.

  18. Interpreting the info

    The current National Breeding Objective (NBO) is encompassed in the calculation of Breeding Worth (BW) which currently consists of eight core traits.

  19. Body condition score to become a breeding trait

    Body condition score (BCS) is to be included as a new trait in Breeding Worth (BW) from February 2016.

  20. Genetic base cow update: June 2016

    In June 2016, the genetic base cow, the reference point for all dairy cattle in NZ, becomes younger, moving to a 2005 born genetic base cow.

  21. NZAEL User Group Summary

    NZAEL hold regular user group meetings to present on the big issues facing animal evaluation, and also gain feedback from farmers and other industry partners.

  22. New online bull team builder puts farmers in control

    A new online bull team builder, developed by NZ Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of DairyNZ, will allow farmers to see the impact of genetic improvement on farm profit and team averages.

  23. Breeding Worth Improvements

    Breeding Worth has been significantly improved. Find out why the changes were needed, what the changes are and how they will affect you.

  24. Liveweight breeding values and breeding worth calculations change this month

    Liveweight breeding values for dairy cattle are to improve as a result of data analyses carried out by NZ Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of DairyNZ.

  25. Bulls of influence

    Ever wondered which bulls have had the greatest influence on our national herd? Find out here...

  26. Dairy database a step closer

    Industry body DairyNZ is welcoming news released to the NZX Alternative Market (NZAX) that the Minister for Primary Industries has formally granted consent for changes to animal genetics company Livestock Improvement Corporation’s (LIC) constitution.

  27. Overseas longevity data

    While running the models for the May AE run we encountered some problems when processing the longevity data from overseas...

  28. Scientists discover fat gene in cows

    Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) scientists have discovered a "fat gene" in a research programme titled "Transforming the Dairy Value Chain Primary Growth Partnership (PGP)"...

  29. All eyes on dairy data milestones

    Nearly a year into the national database and animal evaluation system’s transition to DairyNZ, two key milestones are approaching....

  30. Genetics open door to farm profit

    When Charlie and Wendy Copeland made the leap from sheep farming to dairying in Lumsden back in 2000, they left a history of dry stock farming behind.....

  31. Improved reproduction, better genetic gain

    Maximising herd reproductive performance through management or genetics should be at the forefront of every farmer’s mind....

  32. Fertility research seeks biological breakthrough

    A new seven-year research study is underway to deliver dairy cows that are genetically more fertile.

  33. About NZAEL

    New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), aims to develop, promote and deliver technologies that optimise genetic improvement in the national dairy herd.

  34. NZAEL releases revised economic values

    Revised economic values from the National Breeding Objective (NBO) review of dairy cattle were released by DairyNZ subsidiary NZ Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL) today.

  35. Brand New NZAEL Newsletter

    The first edition of the NZAEL newsletter has just been released.

  36. Breeding Worth estimates for sires get clarity

    DairyNZ subsidiary NZ Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), has reached agreement with LIC and CRV Ambreed for a standardised presentation of parentage and daughter based estimates as well as genomic based estimates for bulls this autumn.

  37. NZAEL User Group Meetings

    Farmers and industry partners are welcomed to attend and discuss the research that contributes towards the on-going development of the National Breeding Objective.

  38. Genetics companies urged to work together to eliminate small calf syndrome

    New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd (NZAEL), the DairyNZ subsidiary company that manages the National Breeding Objective for New Zealand dairy cattle, is encouraging and welcoming moves by genetics companies Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) and CRV Ambreed to work together and manage small calf syndrome out of the industry.

  39. NZAEL Director position

    New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL) is seeking an additional Director for the NZAEL Board.

  40. DairyNZ and NZAEL support approach to minimise impact of Fertility1

    DairyNZ and subsidiary company New Zealand Animal Evaluation Ltd (NZAEL) encourages breeding companies to work together to minimise the impact of the Fertility1 genetic variation recently identified by LIC.

  41. Economic Values

    Economic values (EVs) are an estimate of the value of a trait to a NZ dairy farmer.

  42. Breeding Values

    Breeding Values (BV) are an estimate of a cow or bull's genetic merit for a trait.