body condition scoring

  1. How to BCS

    Find out how to body condition score a cow using a "hands on" method, and what to look for when you condition score cows.

  2. Body Condition Scoring

    Information about Body Condition Scoring (BCS) including how-to guides, videos, and the certified assessors list.

  3. Body condition assessment helps make seasonal leap

    Tim Wilson made the jump two seasons ago from winter milking to seasonal supply, and admits he now enjoys time away from milking and having a few weeks out of the dairy to catch up on other jobs.

  4. DairyNZ debunks mammary memory myth

    DairyNZ developer Jane Kay says the term ‘mammary memory’ is being bandied around the industry causing farmers to question their drying off decisions and continue milking when this might not be the best option.

  5. BCS Programme Events

    Become a Certified Body Condition Score Assessor and offer skilled, independent and consistent assessments meeting industry standards to your clients.

  6. BCS Training Events

    BCS training is open to all but is recommended prior to assessment. It will guide you through theory and practical hands-on learning.