breeding worth

  1. The value of high breeding worth animals

    Farming is a complex business and with so many factors contributing to overall profitability, it can be difficult to see the value gained from your herd’s genetic merit.

  2. Records keep herd on target

    Careful breeding decisions and attention to the basics have helped Sharon and George Moss optimise the potential of their herd.

  3. Measure cow performance

    Measuring cow performance shows you who your best and worst cows are. Having this infomation helps you to decide which cows you should keep replacement heifers from, and which you should cull.

  4. Recording parentage

    Recording parentage, and measuring cow performance on-farm enables farmers to make informed decisions about which cows to breed from and which to cull.

  5. Six steps to breed a high BW herd

    Pushing the genetic merit of your herd into the top 10%, find out what it's worth to you and how to get your herd there.

  6. Waitomo farmers gaining from BW index

    Despite tougher financial times, Waitomo farmers Euan and Claire Reeve have maintained a strong focus on genetic gain in their herd.

  7. Liveweight breeding values and breeding worth calculations change this month

    Liveweight breeding values for dairy cattle are to improve as a result of data analyses carried out by NZ Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL), a wholly owned subsidiary of DairyNZ.

  8. Genetic Base Cow

    Breeding Worth (BW) and Breeding Values (BV) are presented as the difference between an animal’s genetic merit and the ‘genetic base cow’. The genetic base is updated every five years to reflect genetic progress.