1. Farmers: our sounding board

    Members of DairyNZ regional Dairy Leaders Groups talk about what they’re achieving, providing a unified voice for dairy.


  2. How regional plans are formed

    Confused by the regional plan process? Here's a simple overview, including how farmers can get involved at each stage of the journey.


  3. ‘Team ag’ turns the tables

    Rotorua dairy farmers Jamie and Chris Paterson explain how they’re working with DairyNZ on Plan Change 10.


  4. Open letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

    The following is an open letter sent to the Prime Minister earlier this week from the Chief Executives of DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the Meat Industry Association.


  5. DairyNZ: Government must extend Freshwater consultation

    DairyNZ chief executive Dr Tim Mackle is calling on the Government to move swiftly to extend the six-week timeframe of the Essential Freshwater consultation.


  6. Farming for a lower footprint - what should we focus on?

    This article summarises a collection of DairyNZ co-funded studies on reducing dairying's environmental footprint.


  7. DairyNZ welcomes protection of productive land

    DairyNZ supports the government’s recent release of a National Policy Statement on Highly Productive Soils.


  8. Dairy committed to playing its part in lowering emissions

    DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle has reconfirmed the dairy sector’s commitment to play its part to reduce its biological emissions, and supports the intent of the direction of the Zero Carbon Bill.


  9. Farmers on the front foot

    We talk to three farmers about how Farm Gauge is helping them focus on key areas of their farm business.


  10. Kiwis called to 'pledge and win'

    Photos of New Zealanders caring for their waterways will flood social media this month, as DairyNZ launches a competition to mark World Water Day.


  11. Channelling the right tools for flood management and runoff

    New research on 'two-stage channel' drains could be used to improve flood mitigation, water quality and ecosystem outcomes.


  12. Water movement gets everyone involved

    DairyNZ has launched an exciting new movement to get everyone to play a role in improving NZ’s waterways, explains chief executive Tim Mackle.


  13. Plantain project a tool for targets

    DairyNZ has launched a potentially game-changing research project to test the benefits of plantain in local pastures.


  14. Planting projects connect children with farmers

    The DairyNZ levy-funded project enabled students to help look after waterways in their areas while learning about local farmers’ environmental initiatives.


  15. Dairy already on water quality journey

    DairyNZ supports the Government’s plans to amend the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management and introduce a new National Environmental Standard says DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle.


  16. Natural seepage wetlands: can they reduce nitrogen losses?

    Seepage wetlands have proven highly effective at preventing contaminants from reaching waterways.


  17. ZCB consultation: Only one viable option for new reduction target

    Only one of the proposed options for a new emissions reduction target in the Zero Carbon Bill consultation paper is both achievable and responsible, says DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle.


  18. Let's make forestry farmer friendly

    The dairy sector welcomes a move by the Government to look closely at how industry groups can help meet the Government’s One Billion Trees programme.


  19. Farmers taking the initiative

    Many farmers are involved in environmentally-focused groups and also work to educate the wider community about environmental sustainability on farms and elsewhere.


  20. Long term ag emission reductions requires mitigation technologies

    Agriculture will rely on continued support from both industry and Government for emerging mitigation technologies if it is to meet long term emissions reduction necessary for New Zealand to transition to a low emissions economy, says DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle.


  21. Joint project to ensure farmers rewarded for water quality work

    DairyNZ water quality specialist Aslan Wright-Stow explains how a collaborative nationwide project aims to identify water quality improvements on farm.


  22. Trees on Farms

    With good planning and design, trees create a pleasant, diverse and interesting place in which to live and work.


  23. Erosion

    Taking action to reduce erosion will prevent sediment and nutrients from entering waterways and protect valuable topsoil.


  24. Northland Research

    DairyNZ works with Northland dairy farmers on a range of projects to ensure regionally-relevant information is available and farmers have access to forums to discuss issues unique to Northland.