1. Feed

    Information about feed management on dairy farms, including seasonal management, production systems, supplements, crops and pasture types.


  2. Supplements, surpluses and savings

    Most farmers will have reached balance date by now (when pasture feed supply equals cow demand) and will be in a feed surplus. The next critical feed decisions relate to taking out supplements (if supplement is still being fed) and harvesting pasture surpluses.


  3. Don't be caught short: managing feed supply this summer

    Find out how informed feed supply decisions in early December can help ensure the herd’s production stays profitable for the remainder of the season.


  4. Focus on pasture aided by Spring Rotation Planner

    Getting grazing frequency right in early spring is key to maximising growth and supplying the quality feed needed for milksolids production before Christmas.


  5. Good clover-ryegrass mix vital for a productive pasture

    With more emphasis on a ‘pasture first’ approach for restoring profitable margins on farms, clover’s vital role has taken on renewed significance.


  6. Finding a fit for fodder beet

    DairyNZ senior scientist Dr Dawn Dalley shares the results of two levy-funded fodder beet research projects.


  7. Pasture Summit: growing dairy's future

    All dairy farmers are invited to attend the first joint New Zealand and Ireland Pasture Summit in November in New Zealand.


  8. DairyNZ training: heading in the FeedRight direction

    Training in FeedRight and other DairyNZ programmes can help rural professionals add real value to their farmers.


  9. Are there reproduction gains in feeding starch over fibre?

    In theory, starch-based feeds increase the levels of hormones involved in fertility, but does that lead to improved reproduction?