1. Investing your levy to lift pasture performance

    DairyNZ's levy-funded projects focus on reducing dairying's environmental effects, while improving pasture dry matter yield, quality and persistence.

  2. Genetics and liveweight gain influence heifer puberty timing

    DairyNZ’s latest research indicates an ‘age at puberty’ trait has potential to increase the rate of genetic improvement in cow fertility.

  3. Can genetics help to reduce nitrogen leaching?

    DairyNZ is about to start on-farm research that aims to breed cattle with a lower nitrogen footprint.

  4. Economic values and why they matter

    The economic values used to calculate Breeding Worth have been updated to reflect world market changes.

  5. Breeding resilience pays off

    Southland farmers Simon and Mo Topham have always taken genetics seriously, but especially so when milk prices took a dive in 2014/15.

  6. Why should I breed for fertility?

    Have you ever wondered if breeding for fertility is an effective way of improving herd reproductive performance?

  7. Records keep herd on target

    Careful breeding decisions and attention to the basics have helped Sharon and George Moss optimise the potential of their herd.

  8. An invisible hand in profit gains

    Genetic gain is a steady process which delivers improvements year upon year. Although these gains can go unnoticed, the value is very real and quickly adds up.