1. Simple guide to healthy heifers

    Healthy heifers are the future of your herd, so it’s time well spent to assess your heifer management strategies.


  2. Are your heifers 'rearing' to go?

    Heifers are the future of your dairy herd. Give them a head start this winter by making sure your team members (particularly graziers) are on board and ready to deal with issues.


  3. 5 things to consider when moving weaned heifer calves

    It’s that time of year when weaned heifers are getting moved onto grazing. Here are 5 things to consider when moving weaned heifer calves onto grazing.


  4. Grazing heifers off-farm: how does it stack up?

    Heifer grazing is a major expense and the quality of heifers entering the milking herd will have a significant impact on future milk production and farm income. For these reasons, the farm policy of grazing heifers off-farm warrants regular review.


  5. New forum for heifer graziers to share experiences

    Five new focus farms nationwide will provide graziers with knowledge and resources to help grow heifers better, and strengthen their relationship with dairy farmer clients.