1. FixedT

    When MaxT is impractical, an alternative based on the average yield per milking is FixedT.


  2. Herringbone routine

    There’s room to save time in almost all herringbone dairies, the key to improving efficiency is to use a consistent milking routine for all milkers.


  3. MaxT - rotary

    A step-by-step guide explaining the basics of implementing a maximum milking time (MaxT) in a rotary dairy.


  4. MaxT - Herringbone

    A step-by-step guide explaining the basics of implementing a maximum milking time (MaxT) in a herringbone dairy.


  5. Milking efficiently

    Simple changes saving seconds per cow quickly add up to minutes saved per milking, and hours saved per day.


  6. Cow flow

    Moving the herd comfortably to, from, and within the dairy is an important part of the milking process.


  7. Blueprints and building

    Information and example dairy layouts to assist with project management.


  8. Parlour model

    If you are considering replacing your dairy or doing major upgrades, use this tool to help evaluate the size and type of dairy you need.


  9. Herringbone Design

    Making sure cows are comfortable while entering and exiting the dairy as well as during milking, will have big benefits for cow flow and efficiency.


  10. Herringbone Exit

    Exit races should be designed to enable easy drafting and ensure cows can leave the platform quickly and safely.


  11. Herringbone Entry

    The connection between the yard and the inside of the dairy should be designed to encourage cows to enter, and improve cow flow.


  12. Bail and Pit

    The design of the milking bail, pipework and pit are important factors in welfare and ensuring good cow flow into the dairy.