people management

  1. Attracting the best people

    Getting good staff is just one of the challenges faced by dairy farming businesses. But are we doing enough as employers to create environments where good people want to work?

  2. HR certified professionals available to farmers

    Developing the skills to successfully lead a farm team is the main benefit of using rural ‘people’ professionals, according to certified HR rural professional Lee Astridge.

  3. Take a load off with the roster builder

    Two new online resources promise to make dairy farmers’ lives better by freeing them from the tyranny of timesheets and improving people management skills.

  4. A journey from good to great

    The clincher for Manawatu dairy farmer Stuart Taylor to change his farm business for the better was seeing a previously enthusiastic young employee struggling under pressure.

  5. People

    The People section shows you how to recruit quality staff, be a better manager, work within the law, grow your people and much more.