1. Deferred grazing on trial

    In March 2018, DairyNZ started a plot-scale trial to look at ways of recovering perennial ryegrass populations through grazing management.

  2. Dairy workplaces of the future

    DairyNZ has been carrying out a New Workplace Design research project to find out what an attractive dairy farm workplace will look like in 2030.

  3. Capturing hybrid vigour in perennial ryegrass breeding

    Developing a hybrid breeding method for perennial ryegrass has the potential to increase gains in annual dry matter yield.

  4. Farming for a lower footprint - what should we focus on?

    This article summarises a collection of DairyNZ co-funded studies on reducing dairying's environmental footprint.

  5. Aparima community environment project

    Funded and supported by DairyNZ, a group of Southland farmers have united to tackle water quality issues in the Aparima Catchment.

  6. United, we're fast-tracking change

    Methods for improving the environment are quickly being adopted across New Zealand.

  7. Summit: farmer-led, grass-fed

    Pasture Summit is a bi-annual event between New Zealand and Ireland. Register now to hear the latest ideas and developments on achieving profitable food production from grass.

  8. Meet DairyNZ's Scott Farm Team

    Ben Fisher, farm manager at DairyNZ’s Scott Farm, explains how his team’s combined focus on farming and research provides them with unique challenges and rewards.

  9. Farm technology: pros and cons

    Many farmers have told us they'd like to know about new innovations that could help on-farm.

  10. Can genetics help to reduce nitrogen leaching?

    DairyNZ is about to start on-farm research that aims to breed cattle with a lower nitrogen footprint.

  11. Tararua Plantain Project

    A project helping unconsented farmers keep on top of nitrogen leaching.

  12. Plantain project a tool for targets

    DairyNZ has launched a potentially game-changing research project to test the benefits of plantain in local pastures.

  13. Farmers play a pivotal role in fertility research success

    Dozens of scientists and more than 2000 farmers have been working together to improve cow fertility in New Zealand dairy cows.

  14. Meet DairyNZ's lab team

    Most of the time, our laboratory team flies under the radar. Yet their work provides the foundation for DairyNZ’s innovations, resources and farmer support.

  15. Methane tools in the pipeline

    Methane inhibitors are looking like one of the most promising tools to reduce New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

  16. DairyNZ facility a world first in methane measurement

    Managing and reducing dairy cows’ methane emissions is crucial to the future of sustainable and profitable dairy farming in New Zealand.

  17. Cultivar performance under the FVI spotlight

    DairyNZ’s Forage Value Index (FVI) helps farmers choose the best-performing grasses for their region using its simple five-star rating system. Trials have now started to test the FVI systems under realistic dairy farm management conditions, as DairyNZ senior scientist Cáthal Wims explains.

  18. Low-N cow research underway

    DairyNZ is leading a seven-year research project that aims to breed cattle with less nitrogen in their urine. This research could reduce sector-wide nitrate leaching by 20 percent, as DairyNZ geneticist Mark Camara explains.

  19. Grassroots science holds key to sustainable farming

    Converting from pines to pasture has been an environmental balancing act for Ngāi Tahu’s Paritea Farm in North Canterbury.

  20. Reducing nutrient losses wins dairy science award

    Investing in cutting edge science paid off for the Pastoral 21 (P21) research team from DairyNZ and AgResearch at the 2017 Kudos Science Excellence Awards.

  21. New hub addresses challenges and opportunities

    Southern dairy farmers will soon benefit from a new science and research facility designed to support the local industry.

  22. About Us

    From research and the services we provide, to education, policy and the Dairy Industry Strategy, there's so much to discover in this section.