1. Blueprints and building

    Information and example dairy layouts to assist with project management.

  2. The Rotary Entry

    The connection between the yard and the inside of the dairy should be designed to encourage cows to enter, read more here.

  3. Bail and Cupping Area

    Good platform design can help keep cows and people safe and it helps cow flow into the dairy.

  4. The Rotary Exit

    The design of dairy exit races can have a big impact on how quickly cows leave the milking platform, and how easily they can be drafted.

  5. MaxT - Rotary

    The MaxT milking strategy can increase the number of cows milked an hour in many dairies without changing the shed, affecting udder health or milk production and quality. Find out more here.

  6. Rotary Design

    Making sure cows are comfortable while entering and exiting the dairy as well as during milking, will have big benefits for cow flow and efficiency.

  7. Efficient Rotation Time

    Letting cows 'go around' can improve efficiency in a rotary as it can mean less time is wasted. Shortening the rotation time often means less cups idle time. Find out more here.

  8. Rotary Efficiency Calculator

    Find time savings by entering your farm details into the milking efficiency calculator.

  9. Rotary

    Rotaries make up about 32% of farm dairies in New Zealand, and have become popular due to milking efficiency in larger herds. Around 45% of the national herd is milked in a rotary.

  10. Operating a Rotary

    Find out what factors ensure a rotary is operating at its greatest efficiency here.