spring management

  1. Surplus survival in the south

    Leading into spring, many South Island farmers have had average pasture covers above target.


  2. Spring feeding: striking the balance between pasture and supplements

    What’s the best way to keep your pasture cover on track this spring? And when is pasture enough, or not enough? DairyNZ feed developer Sally Peel provides some timely advice.


  3. Early spring management

    The information in this section will help you make pasture management decisions through calving to balance date (when feed supply meets feed demand).


  4. Staff tips for spring

    The following tips will help you ensure the team and the farm are prepared for the busy spring period.


  5. Magnesium, calcium and energy

    As with most things, prevention of metabolic disease is better than cure. Here are some key points...


  6. Supplementary feed in spring

    Find out when supplements should be introduced as a tool to help maintain a slow rotation.


  7. APC at calving

    If you don’t have the right pasture cover at planned start of calving here are some strategies to get yourself back on track.