1. Farm technology: pros and cons

    Many farmers have told us they'd like to know about new innovations that could help on-farm.

  2. Simple solutions to everyday problems

    Canterbury farmer Cole Groves is finding simple but effective ways to improve efficiency, accuracy, environmental protection and the wellbeing of his staff and animals.

  3. Meet DairyNZ's lab team

    Most of the time, our laboratory team flies under the radar. Yet their work provides the foundation for DairyNZ’s innovations, resources and farmer support.

  4. Taking a byte out of technology

    Tesha and Bryan Gibson are embracing the use of technology on-farm, enjoying a wide range of practical benefits which make life easier.

  5. Value determines technology uptake

    When farmers can see the value, practicality and people benefits of technology, they’re more likely to take it on board.

  6. Small changes become big milking gains

    South Waikato farmers John, Anne and Chris Poole are seeing great results using the Milksmart approach.

  7. DairyNZ and the digital decade

    As digital technology has taken off over the past 10 years, DairyNZ has invested the dairy levy to create a range of practical tools. Farmers can now access key information – from fertiliser use to feed requirements – more quickly and easily than ever.

  8. Investing the levy for faster pasture gains

    Better pastures and stronger profits for Kiwi dairy farmers: those are the aims of a levy-funded research programme called Pastoral Genomics.

  9. Tapping into tools and technology

    Which tools and technologies are right for you and your farm? DairyNZ scientist Callum Eastwood has four questions you should ask before investing your time and money.

  10. New Dairies and Technology

    The dairy is a significant investment. Use this section to make informed decisions when building a new dairy or installing technology.