1. Clear heads and a healthy herd

    For Northland farmers Mark and Vicki Meyer, keeping their cows thriving starts with keeping their farm team thriving, even in the busy winter months.


  2. Rural communities need mental health focus

    DairyNZ chief executive Tim Mackle has welcomed an increase in funding for mental health in yesterday’s Budget, saying he hopes the increased frontline services for mental health will include sufficient support for rural communities.


  3. Your wellbeing: let's talk about it

    New Zealanders’ understanding of and attitudes towards wellbeing are changing – but we still have a way to go.


  4. Farmer health checks deliver peace of mind

    Farmers visiting their local Fonterra Farm Source store in the next few months may came out with more than just stock feed, fencing wire and the odd pair of gumboots.


  5. Ways to boost motivation during calving

    Everyone in the farm team, from owner to employee, can boost their motivation throughout calving by understanding how to tackle ‘the M word’ on a daily basis.


  6. Keep calm and stay well

    DairyNZ has talked to a host of farmers and found there is an abundance of things farmers are doing to keep themselves and their staff happy and healthy.


  7. Wellbeing

    Whatever role you have on farm, keeping healthy, happy and well is essential for you and everyone you work with.


  8. Wellbeing Dashboard

    This dashboard displays the wellness and wellbeing profile of New Zealand dairy farmers.


  9. Keeping the team happy and productive

    Balanced and productive work time is key for a dairy farm work environment to be sustainable, enjoyable and rewarding for all the farm team. Getting the right roster in place, keeping accurate time records, having good farm systems and a focus on wellness and wellbeing, are key components to achieving that.


  10. Dealing with hard times

    Dairy farmer Dylan Ditchfield reflects on what got him through his personal challenge with depression.