work routine

  1. Drenching in the milking routine

    If done correctly the drenching process can be fitted into the normal milking routine with ease and without any substantial increase in milking times.

  2. Cluster removal

    All milkers should know how to remove clusters correctly - clusters which are left on too long result in over-milking, liner creep and teat end damage.

  3. Teat Spraying

    Teat spraying is critical for maintaining teat skin health and controlling mastitis during lactation.

  4. Teat washing

    Teat preparation before milking can involve the cleaning and/or massaging of teats before the cups are attached.

  5. Cluster attachment

    Attaching clusters is a major part of the milking routine and if not done correctly can cause teat damage, cup slipping, and lead to mastitis.