Breeding Worth (BW), Production Worth (PW) and trait Breeding Values are available to help farmers make breeding, culling and purchasing decisions.

Use this page to benchmark herds, cows and dairy sires, and check out how the genetic merit of the national herd is trending over time.

BW (Breeding Worth): This index indicates the expected ability of a cow or bull to breed replacements which are efficient converters of feed into profit.

PW (Production Worth): This index indicates the ability of a cow to convert feed into profit over her lifetime. PW includes factors like hybrid vigour, which cannot be passed on to progeny.  

Reliability: BW and PW are reported with an associated reliability. This a percentage figure and gives an indication of how likely a BW or PW is to change as new data is added. For example, a BW of 150/99 should be stable, where a BW of 150/35 is highly likely to change.

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Genetic Trends in the National Herd

The genetic merit of the national herd has improved or held steady across a range of economically important traits. Check out the results here.