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  • Simply use the RAS list or search below to add bulls.
  • Wherever you can find a bull on our website, you will be given the option to 'ADD' him to your team. Add as many bulls as you like - you can remove them later when you refine your list.
  • This page will update with your new selections.
  • To refine and customise your team use the arrows to sort on traits that are particularly important to you and remove the bulls who don’t meet your criteria.
  • Select breed to compare for national benchmarking purposes.
  • Once you've finished refining you'll be left with a team of bulls that specifically meet your individual needs.

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   NB: Selected breed is used for benchmarking purposes

* This value is indicative only, and will vary between individual herds. The calculation is based on a 400 cow herd, with an average BW of $96.