This calculator is designed for farmers and Healthy Hoof advisors to calculate the impact of lameness on the farm business bottom line and to show the origin of these costs.

The calculator also allows the cost of engaging a Healthy Hoof advisor to be compared to the cost of lameness on-farm in preventing a number of cows from becoming lame. The cost for an advisor does not include cost for doing any infra-structure changes.

There is a column to set your own targets. This will illustrate the total impact of lameness currently versus what you think you can achieve on farm.

The calculator conservatively measures the financial impact of lameness and the potential economic gains by reducing lameness through the Healthy Hoof programme. There are many non-financial benefits, including animal welfare and job satisfaction.

To use the calculator, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Start by entering your info into the Current farm data boxes. This will calculate the potential lost revenue per cow and herd.

Step 2: Then complete boxes in the Set your own targets column.

Step 3: Complete boxes under Cost of Healthy Hoof Advisory Service (cost may vary depending on the service provider you use and therefore cost in the calculator is only suggested)

Step 4: Press the Calculate button to work out the cost/benefit.

1. Cost planning in Managing Lameness

Cost planning in managing lameness Current farm data Set your own targets
Herd size
Number of lame cows treated. plus the ones observed lame during the season
Average Days in milk
Production average kg MS per cow per annum
Milk Price per kg MS
Number of lame cows treated:
* by farm staff:
* by vet:
* with antibiotics with a withholding period
Number cows culled for lameness - Pre Christmas
Number cows culled for lameness - Post Christmas

2. Cost of Healthy Hoof Advisory Service

Cost planning in managing lameness Suggested Price Cost per module
a. Farm diagnosis and report (3-4 hours) $540 - $720
b. Advisory Consultation session for action planning, facilitation, advice on identification of options of change (2 hours) $360
c. Staff training in prevention (2 hours) $360
d. Staff training in treatment (2 hours) $150 per person $150 pp
e. Review session on action plans (1-2 hours) $180 - $360
f. Assessment of annual progress and review of action plans (2-3 hours) $360 - $540
Total cost in advisory consultation to reduce lameness

Potential Lost Revenue

Cost of healthy hoof advisory service Current farm situation Farm target
Direct cost of lameness (Lost production) per lame cow
Loss of milk solids production per lame cow

Cost of treatment per lame cow
Cost of farm staff cow treatment per lame cow
Cost of veterinary treatment per lame cow

Wastage per lame cow
Cow specifically culled for lameness per lame cow
Discarded Milk per lame cow

Impact on reproductive performance per lame cow
Decrease of six week in-calf rate per lame cow
Not-in-calf rate per lame cow

Total cost due to lameness per lame cow
Total cost due to lameness for Business per season

Potential Improvement

Difference between current data and your goal for lameness may lead to an improvement for the business per season of
Recovering the cost of a Healthy Hoof Adviser, is reducing the number of lame cows for your business by or your goal by
Healthy Hoof Programme services are tailored for your farm and the suggested costs of the service are indicative only. Please discuss a package with your local Healthy Hoof provider.

Disclaimer: DairyNZ endeavours to ensure that this calculator is accurate and current. However, DairyNZ accepts no liability for any error or omission in fact or the consequences of any actions taken pertaining from the results of the calculator.