Switching to full season OAD milking will likely impact your whole farm system.

Before changing your farm system it’s important to assess the potential benefits (if any) and whether it fits with your future aspirations and goals.

This tool can be used as a start to the assessment process and by selecting the most relevant answer to the 10 questions below will offer guidance as to whether OAD may offer benefits in your circumstances.

After answering the questions, click 'calculate results' to add up your overall score. A red flag indicates that you'll likely need to change something before considering a switch to full season OAD (e.g. get your herd's average SCC down). The higher the score, the stronger the result. The maximum score is 10.


OAD may offer benefits
Benefits of OAD not clear
Changes required before adopting OAD


OAD may offer benefits

Not clear

The benefits of OAD are not clear

Red flag

Changes required before adopting OAD
1. Are you looking for a better work/life balance, or finding milking physically challenging?
2. Do you find it difficult to attract/retain suitable staff?
3. How would you use the time saved by milking OAD?
4. Would milking OAD avoid capital expenditure to expand or replace dairy infrastructure?
5. Is your herd walking more than 2km to the furthest paddock?
6. Does your farm have large differences in altitude?
7. Are you meeting industry targets for reproductive performance?
8. Can your business sustain at least one season of reduced milksolids production per cow (e.g. 10-20%)?
9. Can you afford for your bulk milk SCC to increase by 40-60,000?
10. What is the genetic make up of your herd?

Your Results

Score Red flags

Beneficial: OAD may offer benefits

If your score indicates full season OAD may offer benefits for you, this section will guide you through what you can expect from milking full season once a day as well as providing tips and information on making a successful transition. You can also read about how to make contact with existing OAD farmers through our Dairy Connect service.

Not clear: The benefits of OAD are not clear

If your score indicates that the benefits of changing to full season OAD are not clear, you may still want to read through the information and find out how it does benefit other farmers and if it's something you might want to work towards. It doesn't imply that switching to full season OAD is disadvantageous, just the motivation for adoption is unclear.

Red flag: Changes required before adopting OAD

For some people, changing to full season OAD may not suit, or significant changes may be required. If this is the case, you may be interested in reading more about the changes, what OAD looks like in practice compared to TAD and evaluate whether it is worth making changes (e.g. changing breed).