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  • Effluent WOF

    This is a dairy farm effluent assessment programme that helps farmers understand suitability of their effluent system to their farm system and local council requirements.

  • Effluent systems

    Managing and Operating Effluent Systems

    Your system needs to be compliant 365 days of the year. These resources will help you manage and monitor your system including effluent-run recording sheets, Farmfacts for measuring depth and rate plus the farmer favourite - A Farmer’s Guide to Managing Farm Dairy Effluent.

  • Effluent systems

    Effluent Storage Ponds

    The following resources and information will help you to design and manage your effluent storage ponds.

  • Effluent pond construction

    Designing or Upgrading Effluent Systems

    These resources have been developed in partnership with the effluent industry to provide best practice advice for upgrading or building a new effluent system from scratch.

  • Compliance With Rules

    Compliance with legal requirements is an important part of any business. Environmental compliance is especially important to ensure the long term acceptability of dairy farming as a land use...