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Summer Management

Successful summer management depends on planning, monitoring and taking action.

Restricted pasture growth and milk production occurs in many parts of New Zealand as a result of dry summer conditions and irrigation restrictions.  An El Niño weather pattern is predicted to bring dry conditions to many parts of New Zealand this summer (2015/16), especially the North Island’s east coast. Ministry for Primary Industries explains El Niño here.

  • Summer management - planning ahead
    Planning ahead

    Setting up for summer involves creating a plan and increasing feed supply to ensure you are ready if dry conditions eventuate. Find out how to set up for summer here.

  • Summer management - monitor the situation
    Monitor the situation

    Regular monitoring of both the farm and wider situation is important, as it allows you to evaluate the options available for stock and feed management, based on the most accurate information.

  • Summer management strategies
    Summer strategies

    Managing through a drought or very dry summer requires two key outcomes to be kept in mind - keeping some cows in milk for when it rains and protecting next season.


South Island Dry Summer

We have gathered a list of questions asked by farmers affected by the dry/drought conditions in the Canterbury/North Otago area and answered them here.
Dry summer

Seasonal Management

Advice for managing feed and pasture throughout the seasons.