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Summer Management

Restricted pasture growth and milk production occurs in many parts of New Zealand as a result of dry summers and irrigation restrictions. These events are unpredictable and vary in their timing, severity and duration.

The impact of these events on milksolids production and farm profit can be minimised by the early implementation of proven strategies.

The key is to have a plan and to make timely decisions based on the best available information.

Having no plan coupled with indecision, leads to unnecessary stress and lower profit. Whatever the summer conditions, the first management rule is to fully and efficiently use spring pasture before dry and hot conditions reduce the growth and quality of pasture.

Dry Summer Management

Successful summer management depends on planning, monitoring and taking action.

In recent years significant dry periods have been a feature of summer farming in many regions. It is important that farmers take steps to minimise the impact of a dry period in order to minimise stress, protect next season's production and to achieve maximum profitability from the current season.

Farmers in areas prone to dry conditions should aim have a well thought through contingency plan for the summer dry. The following information and resources will be useful to develop your own summer management strategy.

Further Information

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