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DairyNZ has worked with a number of industry partners to produce an extensive library of publications and tools (such as calculators and templates). Most material is available free to levy paying farmers. Publications are available for distribution within New Zealand only.

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  • Inside Dairy

    Inside Dairy

    Inside Dairy is the official magazine of DairyNZ Ltd. Order and download your copy here...

  • DairyNZ Technical Series

    Technical Series

    The Technical Series illustrates DairyNZ's commitment to the future of dairying, the science that underpins our organisation and to the transfer of that science behind the farm gate.

  • Cow in field


    Order and download tools and information related to reproduction, health, welfare and calves. Includes the InCalf and Condition Scoring Made Easy book

  • People & Careers

    Order and download publications such as the HR Toolkit and Compliance Toolkit

  • Herd


    Order and download publications relevant to farm management including DairyNZ QuickPlans, the DairyBase brochure and Mark & Measure templates.

  • High Sugar Grass


    Order and download tools and publications related to pasture, supplements and feed management tools. Includes feed budgets and feed information poster

  • Riparian planting


    Order and download publications and tools relating to effluent systems, water and nutrient management

  • Milking

    Order and download milking publications including herringbone and rotary workbooks, and the Automatic Milking Systems booklet.

  • Calves


    Order and download seasonal publications and tools including seasonal diary checklists

  • Farmfacts


    DairyNZ Farmfacts are quick reference guides to dairy information about farm management, animals, farm infrastructure, sustainable dairying and more...

  • Dairy Industry

    Order and download the latest New Zealand dairy industry information, including Facts and Figures, DairyNZ Economic Surveys and New Zealand Dairy Statistics

  • DairyNZ Annual Report Summary 2013-14

    DairyNZ Corporate

    Order and download DairyNZ Annual Reports here