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  • Johne's Disease Management
    Johne's Disease Management

    This guide contains management tools to combat Johne's Disease and protect against the spread of Johne’s infection in the herd.

  • Facial Eczema Management
    Facial Eczema Management

    The facial eczema prevention management protocol details a list of steps farmers need to take if they are managing facial eczema through the use of zinc or fungicides.

  • Humane Slaughter Pack
    Humane Slaughter Info Pack

    This guide will help you and your staff ensure any animals slaughtered on-farm are put down in a humane and effective manner.

  • Dairy Cattle Code of Welfare 2014
    Dairy Cattle Code of Welfare 2014

    The purpose of this code is to provide information to the owners and persons in charge of dairy cattle about the standards they must achieve in order to meet their obligations under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

  • Painful Husbandry Information Sheets
    The Painful Husbandry Information Sheets

    A Code of Welfare is an official document, issued by the Minister of Agriculture, which sets out basic standards relating to the care and welfare of animals.

  • The Painful Husbandry Procedures Poster
    The Painful Procedures Poster

    An easy-to-follow guide to the minimum standards of best practice. Includes animal welfare information sheets.

  • InCalf Programme Brochure
    InCalf Programme Brochure

    This brochure provides a basic overview of the DairyNZ InCalf Programme, which is designed to help dairy farmers achieve measured improvement in herd reproductive performance.

  • The InCalf Book
    InCalf Book

    The InCalf Book for New Zealand Dairy Farmers is the "must-have" book for dairy farmers.

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  • Body Condition Scoring Videos
    Body Condition Scoring DVD

    These videos show how to body condition score a cow using the "hands on" method and how to do visual body condition scoring for herd management.

  • Lameness Scoring DVD

    This DVD will help you to conduct your own visual assessment of the severity of a cow's lameness.

  • BCS Reference Guide
    Body Condition Scoring Reference Guide

    A companion to the DairyNZ Body Condition Scoring Made Easy field guide, this resource aims to provide farmers with advice on body condition score (BCS) targets, the effect of management strategies on BCS and a comprehensive "how to" guide on getting accurate results whenever herds are scored.

  • BCS Made Easy
    Body Condition Scoring Made Easy Booklet

    Condition score your dairy herd accurately and consistently by using this handy field guide for objective levels for animal measurement.

  • Healthy Udder Guide
    Healthy Udder Guide

    This guide provides practical "step by step" tips for preventing, finding and treating mastitis.

  • Healthy Hoof Programme Brochure
    Healthy Hoof Programme Brochure

    The Healthy Hoof Programme is a practical and systematic approach, aimed at reducing the incidence of physical lameness on pasture-based dairy farms. Find out more about the programme in this brochure.

  • SmartSAMM Brochure
    SmartSAMM Brochure

    Founded on the SAMM Plan - Seasonal Approach to Managing Mastitis, a simple guide that helped many farmers successfully manage somatic cell counts in the 1990's.