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  • Dairy Cow Housing Guide

    A good practice guide for dairy housing in New Zealand.

  • Dairy Cow Housing Assessment
    Dairy Cow Housing Assessment

    This assessment tool will help to identify any cow comfort issues that may impact on welfare and production.

  • Investing in off-paddock facilities
    Investing in off-paddock facilities?

    This booklet will help you to make an informed decision by assessing the benefits of various off-paddock facilities.

  • Stand Off Pad Booklet
    Stand-off pads guide

    Your essential guide to planning, designing and managing stand-off pads.

  • IPENZ Practice Note 29 Dairy Housing
    IPENZ Practice Note 29 Dairy Housing

    Practice Note 29: Dairy Housing offers good practice guidance in the development, design and construction of building structures for housing dairy cows on New Zealand farms.

  • Responsible Dairy Conversions Guide
    Responsible Dairy Conversions Guide

    A guide for farmers planning a dairy conversion.

  • Housed cow cleanliness score card

    Use this simple scoring system to help you to estimate the current cleanliness of your herd and your housing facility.

  • Dairy floods checklist
    Dairy Floods Checklist booklet

    This checklist contains information about preparing and responding to floods.

  • DairyNZ Business Resources Catalogue
    DairyNZ Business Resources Catalogue

    Find out about DairyNZ business resources such as cashflow budgeting workshops, DairyBase, progression groups, mark and measure, QuickPlan and more...

  • DairyBase Brochure

    Make better, informed decisions. DairyBase is a powerful web-based tool that records and reports standardised dairy farm physical and financial information. It analyses farm information using key performance indicators and benchmarks.

  • Money Management Basics

    This step-by-step booklet will guide you through the DairyNZ budgeting tools and provide a background of budgeting basics. DairyNZ money management basics - A guide to DairyNZ's budgeting tools.

  • Mark and Measure Templates

    Discover your personal and farm business potential with DairyNZ's Mark and Measure seminars. Use these templates to help you prepare for these seminars.