A positive future for New Zealand dairy and dairy farmers

As an industry-good organisation, we help farmers lead the world in sustainable dairying by investing in research, new solutions and advocacy.

Progressing a positive future for New Zealand dairy farming

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Our purpose

We believe that dairy has a bright and positive future and, that by working together with farmers and others, we can achieve purposeful change. We exist to progress a positive future for New Zealand dairy farming.

How we deliver

Independent and credible science

We do not have commercial interests or work towards any commercial goals. Our responsibility is to deliver the greatest value to farmers, now and in the future.  DairyNZ and its subsidiaries hold New Zealand’s broadest and most comprehensive farm data. This allows us to understand, monitor and scale our research across different regions to inform our future work.

Whole farm system understanding

New Zealand dairy farms are constantly evolving and responding to challenges such as staffing, regulation and changing climate that impact each region and farm differently. We stay connected to farmers and their communities so we can respond better to emerging problems and develop innovative solutions that are practical at a local level. Our team works directly with dairy farmers from regional offices across the country. We conduct research on real dairy farms and regional research farms.

Partnering every day

Our partnerships are both strong and broad to make the most of our sector’s expertise, connections and strengths. With these partnerships, we expand our knowledge, access greater resources, and better meet the needs of New Zealand dairy farmers.

Useful tools and options designed with farmers

Farmers must get value from everything we do. We partner with farmers across the sector to solve problems together, creating practical solutions and tools that are easy to use, accessible to everyone and powered by science. This ensures we can offer the right tools at the right time, providing many of the essentials our sector needs.

Voice of a positive future

We’re proud of the role dairy plays in New Zealand’s success and are optimistic about the future. By sharing stories and advocating for our sector, we ensure the country understands and recognises the positive contribution our farmers make. We work constructively across the sector and with local and central governments, using evidence-based solutions to advocate for practical outcomes for dairy farmers.

+ 15y

Years of science

We’re proud to be working alongside farmers to provide science solutions to farming challenges for more than 15 years.

+ $67m


In 2022/23 DairyNZ invested $67.25m into programmes and projects that support profitable and sustainable dairy farming, and continue to progress the positive future of our sector.

+ 950

Tools and resources

We have a breadth of useful tools and resources available to help farmers run their business throughout the seasons. They are tried and tested and have been developed using the latest science and research.

+ 45

Research partners

Working together with others in the sector is an important part of how we collaborate to solve the longer-term challenges.