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The InCalf programme helps to assess and enhance a herd's reproductive performance. It offers a range of tools and resources designed to boost herd fertility and heat detection, assisting farmers in getting cows back in calf more efficiently. The InCalf Foundations training course is a two-day interactive programme that shows participants how to use these resources, leading to better reproductive outcomes. By integrating Fertility Focus reports, the InCalf book, and the guidance of trained InCalf advisers, farmers can achieve a notable improvement in their herd's reproductive performance. There's an emphasis on understanding the economics of reproductive performance and leveraging these tools for business growth.

InCalf programme

The InCalf programme is designed to help dairy farmers assess and improve their herd reproductive performance.

InCalf is a learning package of tools and resources aimed at improving herd fertility and heat detection, helping farmers get their cows back in calf earlier, and reducing empties.

Farmers will get the most out of InCalf through an integrated approach, combining their Fertility Focus reports with information from the InCalf book and support from InCalf-trained advisers working with InCalf tools.

Herd fertility is complex, requiring a range of expertise to better diagnose areas to improve and to implement chosen management options. As part of the InCalf programme, dairy farmers can work with trained InCalf advisers to gain value in terms of measured performance improvement.

InCalf Foundations training course

The InCalf Foundations training course teaches participants how to use InCalf's innovative resources and tools to help improve the reproductive performance of dairy herds.

  • A two-day interactive training course
  • Demonstrates the use of the new resources and tools
  • InCalf process
  • Involves plenty of interaction and discussion
  • Includes how InCalf's on-farm process, resources and tools may fit your business and add value to your farmer products and services.

What you'll get from this course

  • An understanding of the economics of reproductive performance within a herd
  • The very latest information on dairy herd reproductive management
  • Opportunities to communicate and network with other advisers in the region
  • New ways to add value to your business's existing dairy farmer products/services, by incorporating the new InCalf on-farm process and tools
  • Possible new business opportunities to create new dairy farm products/services.

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The 2024 InCalf Foundations training courses are now confirmed.

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Last updated: Aug 2023

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