DairyNZ’s talented scientists and industry experts are working hard to bring practical science-based solutions and innovation to the farm – now and into the future. The Farmers’ Forum events held at Karapiro on 27 April and Ashburton on 9 May, provided opportunities for farmers and attendees to find out first-hand what they’ve been up to, learn about their latest research, and take the opportunity to meet leading scientists and connect with other farmers.

The 2023 Farmers’ Forum provided a unique opportunity for you to hear about the latest research and developments for on and off the farm, and to keep up to date with the latest key global trends affecting dairying.

DairyNZ Farmers' Forum event recordings


DairyNZ Chair, Jim van der Poel welcomes farmers to the 2023 Farmers' Forum in Waikato.

Headwinds and Tailwinds

Foresight practitioner and strategist Melissa Clark-Reynolds talks about current and future trends affecting the dairy sector. Melissa’s presentation covers shifting consumer expectations and technological changes impacting dairy over the next decade.

Speech Science Presentations

DairyNZ's science team presents on a variety of science topics including better breeding worth, addressing heat stress in dairy cattle, strategies to minimise the impact of climate change on animals, evaluating animal welfare in our current and future farming systems, low N systems, measuring and improving stream ecosystem health, and more.

Strategies for remaining profitable in a high inflation environment

Catch up on a farmer discussion panel and hear advice from high-performing farmers on how they are managing their farms to stay profitable as costs rise.

Can technology help solve farming challenges? Making the most of technology investments on your farm

DairyNZ scientists Dr Callum Eastwood and Brian dela Rue share the latest on how technology could assist on-farm challenges and what tech may work for you. They also share a summary of the 2023 technology and workplace practices survey and discuss the future of dairy technology.

Frontier Farms: designing internationally competitive farming systems

DairyNZ senior scientist Dr Paul Edwards explains how the Frontier Farms project aims to build our global competitiveness by identifying the attributes likely to be important for a farm in the future. We will then co-develop with farmers technologies, and farm systems, that deliver these attributes and carry out on-farm testing of these systems.

Working together to reduce N loss – how plantain can help

DairyNZ plantain programme leader Kate Fransen discusses the latest trial results showing plantain can significantly reduce N losses, without affecting production. Kate also gives an overview of current and upcoming plantain research. Kate is joined by programme partner farmers Wim and Maria Makker, Waikato dairy farmers, who provide advice on establishing and maintaining plantain.

Getting fit for the future – tackling the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on-farm

DairyNZ’s Dr Elena Minee shares an update on DairyNZ’s research into solutions to reduce methane emissions. Research areas include changes to diet, studying methane reducing compounds, vaccine development and low methane genetics.

Science-based solutions - now and in the future

DairyNZ General Manager New Systems and Competitiveness Bridget Maclean gives an overview of how DairyNZ's science team is working to deliver solutions to key farming challenges.

Changing the job: improving workplace productivity and attractiveness for the whole farm team

DairyNZ senior scientists Dr Callum Eastwood and Dr Paul Edwards give an overview of research underway as part of the Great Futures in Dairying Plan. Current DairyNZ research includes how to reduce working hours without affecting profit, enhancing safety through good design and technology adoption.

Podcast: Better science solutions for Kiwi dairy farms

For many of the biggest challenges facing Kiwi dairy farmers, the answers lie in solid, farm-tested research. So, what are the big focus areas for DairyNZ’s science team right now? What work is underway to give farmers the tools they need? And how do our scientists ensure new solutions are going to work on-farm? Find out from today’s guests, DairyNZ’s Bruce Thorrold and Bridget Maclean.

Podcast: Tailwinds, headwinds and opportunities for NZ dairy

Covid-19, the Ukraine War and extreme weather events have created ongoing disruption globally and locally, with knock-on effects for New Zealand’s dairy sector. So, what can we expect in the coming seasons with farm costs, interest rates, labour supply and demand for dairy? What are the challenges and opportunities for farmers to be thinking about? And what are some emerging trends that could affect dairy farming?

Our guests in this episode are DairyNZ head of economics Mark Storey and foresight practitioner Melissa Clark-Reynolds, who bring some great insights and food for thought. Melissa was one of the speakers at DairyNZ’s 2023 Farmers’ Forum events, which had a strong focus on science and research.