We’re proud to support our world leading farmers to keep farming better by providing science solutions to farming challenges. 

15 years of research: How DairyNZ’s research programme focuses on being internationally competitive, locally responsible, and regionally resilient for New Zealand dairy farmers.

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15 years of research: Milksmart and Flexible Milking research has helped farmers reduce working hours, while maintaining profitability.

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15 years of research: Pillars of a New Dairy System was a collaborative research programme that brought together leading international scientists.

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Internationally competitive 

We’re always looking overseas and testing new ideas locally to push the boundaries of production efficiency and meet changing global expectations around greenhouse gases and animal care. This work ensures our farmers can remain world leading. Our research includes investing in genetics to improve herd productivity and how new technologies can help make dairy farming a more productive and attractive workplace.

Locally responsible

Farmers feel a deep connection to and responsibility for the health of their animals and their land. DairyNZ supports farmers with the information and solutions they need to operate sustainably and responsibly. This includes our decades-long work to reduce nitrate leaching and our focus on minimising methane emissions.

Regionally resilient 

Climate change and changing regulation creates different challenges for farmers across New Zealand.  We are working to provide farmers with information on how climate may affect their region, and science-based solutions to help improve farm system resilience while maintaining profit.

We are also developing new solutions to help farmers meet regional environmental requirements –like the Tararua plantain project, which used plantain as an environmental forage to help farmers reduce leaching by an average 60 percent to meet targets outlined in the Horizons Regional Council One Plan.

This year has been a busy year...

+ 1,000 Farmers involved

in our research, including helping design, trial and evaluate science solutions to farming challenges

+ 70 Peer-reviewed articles

published last year on topics, from fertility to animal health, environment solutions and forages

+ 45 Research partners

+42.5 k Samples taken

at DairyNZ's Waikato research farms to support research trial work last year.

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Our science initiatives include work to make farms more efficient and sustainable while improving animal welfare.

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Led by local farmers, our regional projects ensure solutions will suit the unique challenges of each part of our country.

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Our world-renowned research team includes animal, environmental, social and forage scientists and farm system experts.

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DairyNZ Research Farms

DairyNZ's research farms are an important industry resource that provide 'real farm' platforms with associated science resources, enabling pasture and animal trials to be carried out. Over the years the two DairyNZ farms and partner farms have delivered countless trials for key areas of research. 

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