Lincoln Uni Dairy Farm


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LUDF strategic objectives

Lincoln University Dairy Farm aims to maximise profit sustainably, focusing on four main areas: increasing productivity, keeping the environmental impact unchanged, maintaining high animal welfare standards, and demonstrating best practices for Canterbury dairy farmers. This 186ha farm, primarily used for milking, transitioned from sheep to dairy in 2001. The farm uses various irrigation methods and showcases many of Canterbury's common soil types. For added insights, check the SIDDC page.

Lincoln University Dairy Farm (LUDF) is managed by the South Island Dairying Development Centre (SIDDC), representing its six partner organisations.

LUDF strategic objectives

To maximise sustainable profit embracing the whole farm system through:

  • increasing productivity
  • without increasing the farm's total environmental footprint
  • while operating within definable and acceptable animal welfare targets, and
  • remaining relevant to Canterbury [and South Island] dairy farmers by demonstrating practices achievable by leading and progressive farmers.

The 186ha irrigated property, of which 161ha is the milking platform, is a former university sheep farm. It was converted to dairying in 2001.

The spray irrigation system includes two centre pivots, small hand shifted lateral sprinklers and k-lines. The different soil types on the farm represent most of the common soil types in Canterbury.

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Last updated: Aug 2023

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