Sponsorship Guidelines

What we don't fund

We are unable to support individuals, individual farmers and/or farms.


At least two (or preferably more) of the following criteria must be met.

  • There are strong benefits to farmers.
  • DairyNZ’s association with the sponsorship will have positive benefits for both parties.
  • If other sponsors are involved, this won’t conflict with DairyNZ’s values.
  • DairyNZ will receive appropriate acknowledgement for its support. The opportunities the event/sponsorship provides to reach a target audience and receive attribution will also be considered.
  • The sponsorship supports DairyNZ's strategy – particularly our delivery of focus areas.
  • The sponsorship provides good value for investment – by reaching a wide target audience.

Expected outcomes

It is expected that successful sponsorships will achieve some or all of the following:

  • Improve DairyNZ’s reputation by association with relevant, high-quality, professionally run events/sponsorships.
  • Assist DairyNZ to communicate to farmers and the public, and reach a target audience that is difficult to access.
  • Support profitable, sustainable and competitive farming.
  • Encourage learning, and support the use of new knowledge, tools, and technology.
  • Promote and encourage best practice and excellence.
  • Help create future dairy leaders.

To submit a sponsorship application, please complete the form.

Sponsorship includes financial support and non-financial support (administration support, judging, presenting, facilitating)

Apply for sponsorship

Complete a sponsorship application using the form below. Please check that you meet at least two of the following criteria first.

  • There are clear and tangible benefits to farmers from this event/activity/program.
  • The event or activity is in the best interests of dairy farmers.
  • The presence of other sponsors will not dilute DairyNZ’s exposure, not conflict with our values.
  • The event or activity creates awareness of and promotes dairy as a viable career choice.
  • The event or activity supports rural and/or urban communities.
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