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DairyBase helps you better understand your farm system and its performance, by comparing KPIs (key performance indicators) and determining what is working well, then identifying opportunities for improvement. With more than 20 percent of New Zealand farms contributing to DairyBase benchmarks, farmers and their rural professional advisors can be confident the benchmark information is extremely robust. The number of farm businesses participating in DairyBase increases annually.

With DairyBase you can:

  • Better understand your farm's performance
  • Identify opportunities to drive profit
  • Make confident and effective decisions
  • Track progress towards long and short-term goals
  • Draw comparisons against other farms
  • Keep a tight rein on farm working expenses.

DairyBase offers two types of benchmarking – the business's financial performance and the farm’s physical aspects – and compares them to industry standards or targets.

Both set out farm information in a standard way to make comparisons easy. To get the most out of benchmarking use the financial and the physical reports together.

Join DairyBase and access all the information you need to make confident and effective farm management decisions.

The process for using DairyBase

  1. Register the farm business:
    At this point, permission can be given for an accountant or rural professional to access reports.
  2. Complete farm business description questionnaire (L1):
    This is filled in every season.
  3. Analyse the farm business:
    Financial and/or physical detail (L2) and/or environmental information (L3) is collected and analysed. The DairyBase Support Centre or your rural professional will assist with this step.
  4. Discuss reports:
    A chance for farmers to identify opportunities with their rural professional.

Adding value with DairyBase

See DairyBase data at work in DairyNZ's Econ Tracker tool and watch the video below to see how Markus Woutersen uses DairyBase to improve his business.

Register with DairyBase

Follow the link below and complete the form to register with DairyBase.

Register here
Last updated: Sep 2023

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